Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!

Y’all come on in. We are still getting all of the kinks worked out and the updates made, but I am so glad you are here!!

I can hardly believe RATR is back after being down for nearly two years. I have appreciated all of your patience, the emails, and the love of this amazing community in my absence. But I am back!!

Things will be much the same, but yet a little different in this new season of life. You will still find the usual recipes, tips for creating balance at home, housekeeping fun, health and beauty ideas and much more. But amidst all the “fluff”, it is my prayer that the Lord will use this space for His glory. That this will be a space for extending grace and sharing love with all of you. He’s given me a story. And it’s time to share it.


“And so it was, that she having waited long and endured patiently, realized and obtained what God had promised” Hebrews 6:15